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We partner with innovative software publishers around the globe to find solutions for unique business problems.

Why Are We Here?

Project Efficiency

From technical validation to final approvals, your projects face hurdles. Aligning the appropriate external resources, maintaining deadlines, and informing stakeholders via role-specific briefings allows your team to focus on their core mission instead of busywork. At Echer Technologies, efficiency is the standard – not a goal. Your project will be supported with a formal business case, evaluating the benefit, cost, and risk of alternative options, and providing a clear rationale for your preferred solution.

Competitive Roadmapping

Yesterday’s solution could be tomorrow’s speed bump. The technical requirements of a maturing organization should never be outpaced by legacy infrastructure. Whether your goal is a future-proof buffer based on current business practices, or a significant shift in processes, a reactive approach is unlikely to deliver the desired outcome and discourages innovation. Echer Technologies can help build a proactive roadmap to support your strategic and long-term objectives.

Full Lifecycle Support

Your project doesn’t end with procurement – and neither does ours. Low friction deployments & onboardings require a coordinated effort between the end-user and software publisher. Echer Technologies functions as the end user’s advocate by maintaining the appropriate touch points to help ensure an efficient roll-out. This level of engagement continues throughout your software’s lifecycle, providing relevant informational updates on active licenses, and a streamlined renewal process.

Novel Technologies

Old isn’t always gold.
Emerging technologies & disruptors fuel innovation and help resolve complex or niche problems that are not fully addressed by legacy solutions. Echer Technologies searches for and partners with software vendors who are committed to not only solving these problems, but also to providing their end users a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving landscape.


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